Een wijze manager aan het woord

Door Arethusa op donderdag 28 mei 2009 15:02 - Reacties (12)
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Onderstaand citaat is eerder verschenen in een blogpost van Sean Feldman.

Het citaat luidt als volgt:

The task then is to refine the code base to better meet customer needs. If that is not clear, the programmers should not write a line of code. Every line of code costs money to write and more money to support. It is better for the developers to be surfing than writing code that won’t be needed. If they write code that ultimately is not used, I will be paying for that code for the life of the system, which is typically longer than my professional life. If they went surfing, they would have fun, and I would have a less expensive system and fewer headaches to maintain.

-- Jeff Sutherland